Wine With Your School Run?

Wine on The School Run?

A recent article in The Daily Telegraph talked about how mums on the school run are now so stressed that they are turning to a glass of wine rather than a cup of tea to calm down. I read this with some amusement, whilst I’ve not (yet) cracked open a bottle at 9.30am, I can completely relate to the level of stress that the school run causes.

I’m a mere novice, I’ve only been on the school run for 7 weeks since my eldest daughter started school in September. However during that time I’ve often felt like I was going to burst a blood vessel. Here’s 5 reasons why I dread the school run:

1) The Battle – My daughter hasn’t exactly taken to school like a duck to water. She reminds me every morning that she’d rather stay at home. When it’s almost time to leave the house, she tries every trick in the book to avoid going. She runs upstairs and hides, she takes her shoes and clothes off, she refuses to get off the toilet, she cries and she throws a strop. And all the time the clock is ticking…..

2)  Late – No matter how early I get up or how early we start the routine, the daily battle and drama in getting to school    means we are always running late. If I’m out the door and in the car at 8.20am I’m winning. If it’s just 10 minutes later we’ve had it.

3)  Heart Break – Every morning on the school run my heart breaks a little more as my daughter sobs her way into the class room. The “How Could You” look she gives me as I turn to leave just kills me and the emotional upset stays with me long into the afternoon.

4) The Toddler – In addition to the battle with my 4 year old, I have to drag my feisty 2 year old in and out of the car 4 times a day. To be fair, she’s normally very good at getting ready on time, but at the school end she refuses to get in the buggy. So I often find myself trying to stop her running out into the road whilst coaxing and cajoling my eldest daughter to “keep walking.” The afternoon pick up can be fine if the toddler has had a sleep. If she hasn’t, it soon becomes a tired, argumentative, emotional mess.

5) Parking – Just to be clear, I never envisaged or wanted to use the car on the school run. Our local school is less than a 10 minute walk away and we were shocked not to get a place there (but that’s another story). So whilst I don’t like it, I’m getting on with the driving, but I still find parking an issue, especially if we are late. In 7 weeks I’ve only had 1 nasty note left on my car about parking but after the emotional trauma of the morning, it was enough to tip me over the edge.

It’s easy to see how parents are more stressed on the school run, the emotional, organisational and logistical trauma is enough to get the blood pressure rising all before 9am. I’m hoping things will get easier for us as the weeks go on, in the meantime, give me a cuppa and a biscuit to calm down, I’ll save the wine for when the kids are in bed and I can enjoy a glass or three in peace!

Do you suffer from school run stress? Have you resorted to or thought about wine in the morning? I’d love to hear how everyone else is getting on.


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24 thoughts on “Wine With Your School Run?

  1. Oh dear, that sounds like a bit of a nightmare. I am very lucky in comparison, despite having to bring my two younger children along. My neighbour and I share the school run, each doing 2-3 mornings a week. At home time, we each pick up own children because we mostly have different afternoon plans. But the school is less then a ten minute walk. My son is a very slow walker but now that he has a scooter, the is a lot less of me telling him to hurry up.
    I’ve my fingers crossed for you that things will pick up, The worst bit must be that your child doesn’t want to go to school.
    Fionnuala from

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    • Thanks for commenting Fionnuala! I love the fact that you can share the load with your neighbour. I think this is what I really felt sad about and a little bit resentful of when we found out that we hadn’t got into our local school (also less than 10 minutes away). My dreams of scooting and walking with local friends vanished into thin air. My daughter never wants to go, but is fine and enjoys it once she’s there, so I’m hoping things will improve in time. (PLEASE!)


  2. I never resorted to a 9.30a.m. glass of wine, but I will admit to a 3.30p.m. one (in a tea cup in case a neighbour saw me through the window) when I knew that the driving had finished for the day.
    Living in a rural location and having four boys in three years (yes, the last two were twins) my school runs have been particularly traumatic. Often, but not always, that one glass was enough to ease my tress levels from About To Blow to Moderately Calm.
    Through those difficult years wine was a helpful friend – but not one that took over.
    Massive sympathies to all those who do this level of Grand Theft Auto on a daily basis. I thankfully have only one year of primary school runs left to go…

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    • Huge respect to you Jeni for doing this with 4 boys in tow. I thought 2 girls was hard enough! I also LOVE your drinking wine from a teacup in the afternoon, which made me laugh, I can definitely relate to that. Thanks for commenting.


  3. I feel your pain!
    Up until recently, when we finally got places at our local school, I was also driving and that just added to the stress ten fold. I once lost the only set of car keys I had and only noticed just before I was due to go and pick my son up. I ended up having to book a cab, but was 45mins late to collect my poor son and forked out £30 for the return journey. Most stressful school pick up ever!!


    • Sounds like you’ve been there before me and with the school choice too. The lost car keys sounds horrific! I thought locking myself out of the house last week after a typical morning battle was bad enough! Thanks for your comment. X


  4. Gosh that does sound super stressful and I can imagine my life will be like that next year if we end up at a school further away. Hopefully your daughter will soon settle more and be willing and eager to get there in the mornings. And the reality of doing this with a 7 and 5 year old will be so much easier than with a 6 and 4 year old so it will only get easier!


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  7. Oh boy I can relate to this. With a nearly four year old who hates wearing anything other than his George Pig pyjamas and has to be pinned down to have hia teeth and hair brushed as well as having a two year old year old to get ready the mornings are always a nightmare and we are always late. And my sons pre-school is a five minute walk away! Herring up earlier makes no difference. Just makes the battles last longer. I’m hoping by the time he starts real school in September we would have cracked it (and managed not to crack open the wine at 9am 😉 ).



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