Mums In Pyjamas


In the news last week it was reported that a head teacher had written a letter home to parents to politely ask them to get dressed in the mornings rather than turn up at the school gate in pyjamas and slippers.

Whilst many parents supported the head teacher, there was an outcry from some parents who were annoyed at being told what to do and in protest turned up to the school gates in pyjamas and dressing gowns.

I read this in a state of disbelief. How had a letter escalated into such an argument about Pyjamas?

Less than a Minute

I normally like to sit on the fence about such news stories and try to see both sides of the story, but with this, I have to say I completely agree with the school! Is it really unreasonable to ask that parents turn up to school in some form of clothes? Even if you can’t be bothered to have a shower or put make up on, it takes less than a minute to pull on a pair of jeans and a jumper!

I’m not meaning to judge anybody and don’t get me wrong, I know that we are all busy trying to juggle and manage everything in the mornings. I have had several months of utter hell on the school run trying to get my eldest daughter to school last term. Which, when you throw a feisty toddler into the mix, can be incredibly stressful. But I still managed to get through this all whilst wearing some clothes.

Why I Don’t Agree

Here’s why I sympathise with the head teacher:

  1. Kids will want to do the same. If your kids think it’s ok to leave the house in pyjamas then they will want to do it too. Back in November if I had left the house wearing pyjamas on the school run, I would never have got my eldest daughter dressed into her uniform. She would have argued the point that why should she get out of her pyjamas when mummy was still wearing hers. And that’s kind of a fair point!
  2. Getting dressed sets you up for the day. I think it affects you mentally. If I were to stay in my pyjamas all day, I would mentally feel in a relaxed mode and never get anything done. I work from home and whilst I know that other people can do this in their dressing gowns, for me, I would never be properly in the zone if I was sitting around in my PJs all day!
  3. Setting an example. It shows a bad example to your child for years to come. OK there’s plenty of days when I’m tired, I can’t bear the thought of getting up and getting dressed, but we all have to do it. At some point our children will have to go for a job interview and go to work every single day of the week in clothes. It’s one thing to laze around on a Sunday in PJs, but in the normal working week, it gives children the wrong impression about what they are expected to do. We might not like going to work, they might not like going to school. But we have to do it.
  4. Plain Lazy? Call me harsh, but as I’ve mentioned, if time is short it just takes a few minutes to pull on yesterday’s jeans and top.


Since the Argument

What has shocked me more than the inability to get dressed is that the row has since escalated with some parents removing their children from class and others directing “vile abuse” to the head teacher. How incredibly sad and shocking. It’s sad that a head teacher is no longer able to make a polite request to parents without receiving a barrage of nasty abuse. It’s even more outrageous because the abuse was directed at the teacher in front of the children.

How unbelievably depressing for those children. How distressing must it be for those kids to be witness their parents screaming vile insults at their teacher? What sort of message does that send to those kids? Surely after seeing such behaviour, those children will not only think it’s OK to leave the house in nightclothes, but they will also believe it is fair to act violently with anyone that doesn’t agree with their views.

Whatever you think about the initial argument, there can be no denying that this is a step too far.


Would love to know what others think. Are you a mum on the school run in pyjamas? Do you agree or disagree?


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54 thoughts on “Mums In Pyjamas

  1. My #abitofeverything post this week is on the same subject! But I’m afraid I disagree with you – I don’t think kids will want to do the same and I don’t think it matters what the parents are wearing…I went on This Morning to talk about it too!x


  2. Have to agree with you. It takes 5 minutes to get dressed – why would you want to go out all sweaty and mussed up from sleeping?! It just shows your kids that it’s ok to be lazy. Put on a tracksuit by all means, but not PJs!

    That said, there was a sign on my friend’s kids school asking parents to please not bring aggressive dogs and beer into the playground…I know the school run is enough to drive anyone to drink but sheesh…poor kids!


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  3. I wrote a post on this last week. I can see it from both points of view. However, I don’t agree with the parents removing their children from the class in protest. By all means if the parents want to protest then they should feel to do so but they should not involve their children! #twinklytuesday

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  4. I agree with you.

    Maybe I’m a bit weird though as I don’t even like being in my PJ’s around the house. I don’t sit on the sofa wearing PJ’s in the evening, or eat my breakfast wearing them in the morning. I put them on at bedtime and take them off when I get up. I certainly wouldn’t be go out my front door wearing them…not even to run to the wheelie bin. It only takes a minute to get dressed.


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  5. You’re right, it takes a minute to throw on some clothing. I don’t get it when I see people out and about in their PJ’s. That said, I drove to school in pajamas this morning…BUT I didn’t have to get out of my car 🙂 #abitofeverything


    • Good to know others think the same! I agree, parenting is tough but putting on jeans takes nothing out of your day. Unbelievable really that this has caused so much uproar! I will check out your post. Thanks for commenting. X

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  6. I agree too. I don’t know where this thing about going out in PJs has come from, but I remember a year or two ago a supermarket banning customers from shopping in them, too, and that also caused outrage! Why don’t people want to get dressed? Don’t tell me they haven’t got time – the school run has always been stressful but nobody ever used to go out in NIGHTwear during the day! I work from home too and I know other authors who stay in their PJs but no thank you – it makes me feel like an invalid! It’s all about self respect, and teachers have a hard enough job these days without having to teach that to kids as well as everything else. Having to get up and make an effort should be learnt by example – from home.

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    • I seem to think the supermarket in question was Target in the US, but it may well have been a UK one. Standards have to be maintained, otherwise it’s the start of a slippery slope. I too work from home (admittedly sometimes not getting dressed until mid morning, but I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing the school run in my PJs. Isn’t that what elasticated waist yoga pants were invented for?!

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      • Hah! I agree Geraldine that with so much lounge wear and casual clothes now available there really is no excuse to go on the school run (or anywhere else for that matter) in your PJs! But each to their own! Thanks for commenting. X


    • I remembered that similar case about supermarkets after posting this blog! I agree, I’m not sure when it ever became acceptable or the norm and I agree that home should be setting an example. Thanks for the comment. X


  7. I disagree because I think 1) The priority should be getting the kids to school (obviously ideally you would do both) and 2) I think that schools play an important part in safeguarding children and things like how parents present is an important part of understanding what’s going on at home. This opinion may of may not have been influenced by the fact that I have dropped my kid to nursery in my pyjamas…


    • With regard to your second point, if I was a teacher I would question what was going on if I continually saw parents turning up in PJs every day! Of course the priority is to get kids to school on time but pulling on jeans takes seconds and can be accomplished even when all hell is breaking loose, believe me, I know!! Thanks for commenting. X


  8. I do agree with you but there are days when I have put my coat in top of pjs but because of chronic pain and disability is too hard some days to dress first thing and drop eldest to bus stop. By the time I take the youngest an hour later I can manage to dress. It would be a case of dressing or drive.

    I used to teach and I admit I would have kept a very close eye on children who’s parent dropped them off in pjs.


    • Oh my goodness, I think your circumstances are completely different and for such reasons I don’t mean to judge people. I suppose You never know what’s going on at home. It’s just not for me! Thanks for commenting. X


  9. I agree with you — Would you go to the shops in your pjs? Would you go to work in your pjs? Would you meet your friends in your pjs? So to me, it is just part of being presentable. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything


  10. Nope…I am am a stay at home dad who is on the school run and most definitely NOT in pajamas. In fact, I once wrote a blog post explaining that, as a guy who is the playground twice a day, I feel under more pressure than women to be presentable because. This is because of all the dreadfully unhelpful, negative stereotypes us dads have to live with.

    Anyway, if you reckon the parents at this school behaved badly, I know of a local school where the parents established a “smoking picket line” because the head had asked them not to smoke right at the gate. Some people ‘ey? #thelist

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    • Thanks for your comments John, I’m sorry I should have called this post “parents in PJs”, didn’t mean to neglect the dads on the school run! Sorry to hear you’ve experienced negativity too. I haven’t heard about the smoking protest but that’s awful! X


  11. I have to agree with you. I’m guilty of shoving a hat on my head for the school run when I’ve not had time to wash my hair, but always manage to take 2 mins to pull on some proper clothes! I also agree that it’s not fair on our children who are told they have to wear their school uniform and look presentable! x #TheList


  12. I completely agree with the Headteacher and this post. I’m not a parent but this behaviour encourages laziness and stubbornness within the children. As a parent you are there to be a role model and to set a positive example for your children . #Abitofeverything xxx


  13. I totally agree with you. Get up earlier if you need to. I drop Zach off to nursery at 7.30 in the morning and have to be dressed for work but even when I may have the day off and still take him in I’m generally showered, made up and dressed. I think the only time.ive gone looking really rough is when I was ill and was going straight back home to bed – but even then I put joggers and a jumper on! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  14. I agree with you, it takes two minutes to pull on a pair of jeans and jumper. I wouldn’t even dream of wearing my pj’s to school, I don’t even wear them during the day at home! If I want a lazy day then it’s joggers and a t-shirt, pjs are for bedtimes. At least that’s my view. 😉 I am saddened to hear that the teacher got abuse for it, that really is over the line.
    Stopping by from #thelist.


  15. We have triplets and my wife and both manage to get dressed and out the door. Are we AS dressed as we would be if we didn’t have kids? Probably not; but we ARE dressed and appropriate.

    I don’t get people who can’t find time – which usually just means they didn’t WANT to find it – to wash, dress, workout. Yes, its harder when you have kids, but with just a little bit of work its very doable.



  16. Haha! I’m loving all of these comments (having come to this a little bit later than most!) I have to say, I personally can’t imagine turning up at school (or anywhere) in my PJs, but at the same time, worse things can happen (as a certain nan would say). I’d never want to assume that it’s a case of being lazy, maybe there is more going on at home. The abuse of the headteacher is shocking and disgraceful however.

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