An Interview with Alice aged 4 Years 7 Months


Inspired by the recent interviews with fellow blogger Laura at 5 Little Doves and her daughters, I thought I’d try the same thing with my two.

This post is all about Alice who will be five in the summer.

  1. How are you feeling today?


(Eyes me suspiciously).

2. What makes you happy?

Going to buy something. Something for me and Eva like …. chocolate.

(Said whilst smiling almost pleadingly at me. Nice to know my children are so materialistic at such an early age).

3. What makes you sad?

When Eva hits me.

(Eva seems to accept this and carries on munching her Rice Krispies).

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Errr…. A Butterfly.

(Seems I may have to shatter her career aspirations early).

5. What is your favourite food?


(I’m surprised there’s no “And Cheese” mentioned which is frequently demanded for tea).

6. Describe Mummy?


(Thanks, although surely there’s some other qualities we can think of here. Mental note to discuss this more later).

7. Describe Daddy?

He’s good too.

(Hhhhmm… Again must be discussed later).

8. Who created the world?

I’m not sure. What do you mean like the leaves and things?

(She still had no idea when I confirmed, Yes the leaves and things).

9. What is the queens job?


(This was prompted by Eva).

10. Who is the Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister lives in London (announced proudly) and I think it’s a man.

(Pretty good. And that’s about as much as I know too).

11. What did you dream last night?

About being in the holiday house.

(We are going to Norfolk at Easter and it is consuming Alice’s every thought right now).

12. What would you like to do tomorrow?

Dressing Up?

(Easily pleased. Fine by me).

13. Where in the world do you want to go?

To the Zoo.


14. Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Because it’s the end of Christmas.

(??? No idea…..)

15. Where does the tooth fairy live?

In a toadstool.

(Could be inspired by a jigsaw that they have been playing with lately).

16. What is your favourite animal?

A baby lamb.

(As opposed to an adult lamb).

17. Who is your best friend?


(A little girl down the road).

18. What makes you laugh?


(Random. I didn’t even know she’d seen any clowns).

19. Are you going to get married?


(Surprised about this after a recent conversation where she declared she wanted to have a baby and asked all sorts of questions about how to “get” a baby and I said she’d need to have a husband first).

20. Tell me a secret?

(Whispers)….We’re nearly going to the holiday house.

(It’s going to be a long couple of weeks until we go!)

21. Where do babies come from?

Mummies Tummies

(Said confidently and matter of factly).

22. What do you like to watch on television?

Dora The Explorer into the City and Jake and The Neverland Pirates

(Arghh… And don’t I just KNOW it!)

23. How much money do you have?

I’m not sure, I haven’t counted it all up yet.

24. What do you do that is naughty?

Hit someone….. like Eva.

(Sisterly love).

25. Describe yourself?


(Must have a conversation about adjectives).

26. What is the best job in the world?

A fireman.

(Pleasantly surprised that the answer wasn’t a princess or fairy or anything else girly).

27. Where does Father Christmas live?

At the North Pole.

(Said confidently and with conviction).

28. Who is Jesus?

What’s Jesus?  A baby?

(Hhhmm…. not bad considering knowledge is limited to the school nativity.

29. What is your favourite vegetable?


(Pretty much the only vegetable that will be eaten).

30. Are you bored of this quiz now?

No. Can you ask me another question.

(OK. What’s your favourite colour?  – Pink).


So there’s a quick glimpse into the mind of a 4 year old. I’ll  write a separate post  later to find out what Eva (2.5) thinks.




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