In Honour Of National Sibling Day

Today (Sunday) is National Sibling Day, so I’m writing this in tribute to my 2 lovely sisters and for my two sibling daughters.


3 sisters

3 Sisters

I’m the eldest of 3 sisters and I can’t imagine being without them. There’s only 18 months between me and my middle sister and then 2 years between her and the youngest. Of course like all other children, we squabbled and fought when we were growing up. But from our teenage years, we got on a lot better, went out to pubs and clubs together and now remain incredibly close.

From August 2008 we were all married within 14 months of each other and then suddenly we were all pregnant together in 2011. My youngest sister and I were pregnant with our first babies and my middle sister with her second. We all gave birth to 3 girls within 4 months of each other! It was seen as such an unusual story that Gurgle Magazine interviewed and photographed us.

Copy of Gurgle pic 4

Interview with Gurgle Magazine 2 newborns and 1 baby still due!

I was so lucky to have my sisters in those crazy early days with a newborn baby. I remember texting my youngest sister a lot whose baby was just 6 weeks older than mine to compare notes on sleep, feeds, moods and anything else that was bothering us. It was so lovely to have such a support system with whom I could talk, ask questions and and share experiences, I really felt it created an even stronger bond. We were all on maternity leave at the same time and so we met up every week to talk and compare notes. We still meet up fairly regularly now and I think the cousins will be close too.


3 sisters with 3 daughters

Sibling Daughters

With 22 months between my two daughters, I really hope that they will grow up to be friends and to look out for each other just as I did with my sisters. Alice is 4 and Eva is 2 so they are at an age where I can see them being really loving towards each other. Alice will especially look out for Eva if they are in a new place or situation, like a children’s party. They have moments where they are fighting and squabbling, but I especially love that they are now old enough to amuse themselves for good chunks of time on their own.


My two girls who love each other really!

They share a room and have bunk beds which is lovely as I think this has brought them together. I love hearing them chatting to each other at night!

Disappearing Siblings?


My Nan with her 4 children including my dad

My great grandmother had 9 children. My Nan pictured above had 4 children (my dad and 3 sisters). My parents had 3 daughters and I’ve gone on to have 2 children. Are siblings in decline? I know of a lot of people with 2 kids, but I now seem to know of a lot more people who have one child and hardly any that have 3 children or more. This made me think about why siblings might be disappearing:

  • Women having children later. More women than ever are having children later in life and I guess this affects the amount of children that parents now have. I was 36 when I had my eldest. I quite possibly would have had more children if I had started earlier.
  • Work commitments. Most women are now going back to work after having a child and to ensure they don’t lose their position at work are often taking time to have their second child, if at all. This is unlike previous generations where the woman’s place was in the home and so she continued to churn out 6 or 7 kids at a time.
  • Practicalities. There are more issues to think about when you have more than 2 children. I’m thinking primarily about car seats and the size of the car. Possibly also families will consider needing a bigger house. It didn’t seem to be too much of a problem when I was a child, we were all piled into the back of a car and squashed on to the floor!
  • Money. Whilst generations ago people like my Nan and Great Nan would have ‘made do’, there’s probably too much pressure now for people to have a very comfortable life with nice house, cars and holidays. Some parents I guess think they’d rather have fewer children and give them more.
  • Don’t want them.  Whether they’re put off by horrific births first time round or worn out from crazy toddler days, some mums and dads have simply had enough after the first one. I also know of several couples where the wife would like another one but the husband does not.
  • Can’t have them. I also know of several couples who would love a second child or more but it simply hasn’t happened for them.

I know everyone and every family is different. We can’t chose whether we have siblings or even if we get on with them, I’m so grateful to have had mine growing up and grateful that I still count them as my best friends.


Pregnant Siblings

Pregnant Sisters!



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22 thoughts on “In Honour Of National Sibling Day

  1. Ah lovely blog – and that picture at the end still makes me smile! (Can’t believe that was 5 years ago – doesn’t time fly!) xx


  2. I love this so much! How wonderful that you were all pregnant at the same time, it must have been amazing having that support and experiencing such a special time together. I am so close to my family and have two older sisters and an older brother. I was the ‘surprise’ 4th child so my eldest sister is 10 years older than me and was always very maternal and she loved taking care of me when I was little. My second sister, brother and I used to fight a lot/ irritate each other a lot as kids but the older we’ve become the closer we have got and once I got to about 16 we were all best friends. I wouldn’t change them for the world and I’ve actually just written a post about them and why I would like lots of kids myself. I’ve loved being an auntie to my sisters kids and seeing them grow up, and although their kids are older (my oldest niece is 15!) it’s lovely as they now love taking care of their baby cousin and fussing over him!

    Your girls are just adorable, I am sure they will grow up to be good pals! #MarvMondays

    Ps sorry for the long comment, I do have a tendency to wax lyrical about my family!


    • Thank you and don’t apologise for the long comment it’s lovely to hear about you and your family! It’s funny that no matter whether the age gap is small or big younger children all squabble and then they hit their teens and then many suddenly become good friends.
      It was lovely being pregnant together with my sisters and watching our kids grow up together.
      I’m glad you all get on with your siblings and it’s lovely that your niece looks after your little one. I feel so sad when I hear about those people who as adults don’t get on with their siblings. We are lucky! X


  3. Oh, this is just amazing! How fabulous that you were all pregnant at the same time, all with daughters!! I’m not surprised it was featured in a magazine! I feel overwhelmingly envious of you at the moment! I have a brother, and we get on, but are not close, especially not in the way sisters are close. I always wished my parents had had more children, I was desperate for a sister, and always and still do, envy my friends who have sisters that they went shopping with, went out to bars and dancing with…! Having a sister who had a baby at the same time as me would’ve been amazing. I had my antenatal friends, but like you say, you can contact your sisters anytime, and discuss absolutely anything with them-what a support network! I agree with what you’ve said about declining family sizes. My nan was one of 10, and she had 9 children of her own. Some of my mums older siblings have got lots of children (my mum is the second youngest,) but going down the line, the number of children each sibling was having, dwindled. I would like one more, but my husband cites needing a bigger car, holidays being too expensive, etc, as reasons he doesn’t want to!
    Such a heartwarming post, thanks so much for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh thank you! It’s funny isn’t it because I always wanted an older brother growing up, someone to look after me and I could meet his friends! I do totally appreciate my sisters now though. Funny too how siblings seem to be dwindling, I think your husband’s thoughts sum up what a lot of people are thinking. Thanks for hosting and reading. Xx


  4. How lovely that you all got to experience pregnancy and new babies together? You must really have a special bond and I’m sure that your girls will all grow up to be very close too. Very touching xx


  5. Wow!!! You are so lucky! I have a really complicated family! An older bro then 4 half siblings and two step siblings…. I’d have loved growing up with a sister, and sharing pregnancies? Just magical!!


  6. I had no idea it was national Sibling Day…which doesn’t say much about me does it? I am close to my siblings in that we get on when we meet up and have a laugh. And yes, we’ve had fun nights out together, most recently when I flew from Malta to Holland to meet my sister who lives there and my other sister and brother flew in from the UK (and actually that trip was only possible as my sisters paid for my flight and entire weekend!). But we’re all different and are busy with our own lives and I’m a horror at keeping in touch. I think I spent so many years looking after them when they were younger that I just went the other way. That’s amazing you were pregnant at the same time. Quite a story! Thanks for linking to #passthesauce


    • I didn’t realise either until I saw it trending on Twitter last week! Sounds like you and your siblings are all spread out which makes it harder to keep in touch but good for holidays?! Thanks for reading. X


  7. How lovely! I really do adore the relationship you have with your sisters, it really is such a lovely and I guess in some ways quite unusual thing. Its lovely that your girls have a smallish gap two, hopefully they will have as great and close a relationship as you do with yours šŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


  8. Awww how lovely šŸ™‚ to be able to share such a special time with your sisters. You also raise a very good point about women having children later and returning to work. Thats me!! Although we are pregnant with our second, but with a gap of four years. We won’t be having any more due to my age. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. #BigPinkLInk x


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