11 Reasons To Love Tea and Why I’m an Addict

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love tea. It helps me get through the day and I must admit, I rely on it to such an extent that I am probably addicted. I drink between 6 and 10 cups of tea a day. It forms such a big part of my daily routine that I named my blog after it.


This recent article in the Huff Post talks about how for every cup of tea we drink outside of the home, we Brits now drink two and a half cups of coffee. I wish I drank coffee. It sounds so sophisticated and there are so many variations. My heart firmly belongs to tea and here’s why:

  1. It helps me to wake up. I can’t function until I’ve had my morning cuppa. I am a bit of a nerd in that I like my tea to be a certain strength and colour (strong and dark!) and I like to drink it preferably in certain mugs (fairly large). My usual mug is the one on the left but on certain mornings like if I’ve had little sleep or am feeling a bit jaded or just can’t wake up, I’ll go for the one on the right. For some reason my kids call this my “Monday Morning Mug” and they are pretty much right, it means I need more tea!

2. Tea powers me through the day. Whether I’m negotiating the dreaded school run, doing some freelance copywriting for a client or dealing with a feisty toddler, tea helps me to power on through. It gives me strength and calms me down if I’m feeling stressed. It also helps me to think.

3. It can help to solve problems or at least calm in a crisis. I’m not sure why this is, but if there’s an issue or a problem, we always put the kettle on. There’s something so calming about having a chat over a brew. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and I pretty much always say yes when someone asks if I would like a cup of tea.

Tea and Wine Vices 2

4. It’s sociable. We drink tea when we’re catching up with friends or if we vent and want to put the world to rights.

5. Caffeine. There’s less caffeine in tea than in coffee. So we can drink more of it!

6. It could help you live longer. A study in 2015 found that women in their 70s and 80s lived longer if they had on average 2 cups of tea a day. Imagine how old I could be if I continue to drink 6 a day!

7. Tea goes better with biscuits…. and cake. Who ever has heard of a coffee party or afternoon coffee for goodness sake? Coffee and biscuits doesn’t quite have the same ring does it? Tea works better with cake and you can dunk your biscuits better in tea.

Tea and Cake

8. Health Benefits. Tea contains plenty of antixoidants which can keep you young and healthy as well as boosting your immune system. It also contains no calories so you can drink more.

9. You know where you are with a cup of tea. Whilst coffee sounds pretty sophisticated it’s also befuddling with the wide range of equipment to use in making a cup of coffee such as a grinder, perculator, capsule machine, beans, granules etc. There’s a multitude of coffees types to chose from too. But you know where you stand with a cup of tea. Put a teabag in a cup or a teapot, pour on boiling water, add a splash of milk and Voila! Done!

10. It warms you up. Nothing beats a cup of hot tea on a cold day. It warms you up physically and warms you emotionally too.

11. Kids. You can’t give coffee to your children? Jeez! They’re wired enough already. Can you imagine the carnage kids would cause on that caffeine hit? But you can give kids tea. I drank it as a toddler and my toddler sometimes will drink it too.

Eva Interview

What do you think? Do you agree with me that tea is the more superior drink or are you a firm coffee drinker? Do these reasons tempt you to make the switch back?



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52 thoughts on “11 Reasons To Love Tea and Why I’m an Addict

  1. Tea for the mornings, definitely. Coffee from 11am though … I blame children and no sleep … I need as much caffeine as possible at the moment! 🙂 #bloggerclubuk


  2. I do love coffee but it is my work drink – I save Tea for waking up, getting out of bed, relaxing after a day at work, had a crap day at work, dreading a crap day at work, in need of biscuits, seeing friends for cake, kids are being annoying occasions… basically every part of my day that isn’t work related!! #BloggerClubUk


  3. Definitely a tea drinker here. I was pleased to find that decaf Yorkshire is almost as good as the proper stuff so I can keep going through my pregnancy. But when I do have a cup of the real thing I remember how much better it is and banish all crazy ideas of sticking to decaf after Pea is born!
    Like you say – tea goes better with cake – and I love cake, oh, and biscuits!


    • Yes I went on the decaf tea when pregnant and thought about sticking to it once kids were born but think that went straight out the window. Need several strong cups after giving birth!!


  4. This was a bitter sweet read…I am a massive tea drinker (also partial to the odd coffee too) and come from a family of proper tea-pots! I have however embarked on a 3 week detox so I’m day 12 into a caffeine free episode. The only thing keeping me going is that I quite like green tea, and find decaf quite a subtle switch – so I can still enjoy all of the things you listed above. phew!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub


    • Oooh full respect to you! I did come off the strong stuff and drink decaf when pregnant but got straight back on to it after giving birth! Hope your detox goes well. I assume wine is off the menu too? Don’t think I’d be able to cope with losing both now! X

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love tea too and I’m only having 2-3 cups a day being pregnant!! My daughter likes a cup now and then but we give her decaf. It was my grandad who got me into it…he used to add sugar…then I switched to sweetener and now I’m off it all. The stronger and less milk the better!! xx #coolmumclub


  6. Love tea, although if I’m out and about I do tend to go for a latte, not because I prefer the taste of coffee, but mostly because it physically pains me to pay £2 for a tea bag and some hot water!! I’d rather pay £3.00 for frothy milk and vanilla syrup, oh yeah, and some of that coffee stuff. I’m emphatically tea where cake and biscuits go though. They just don’t go with coffee, and I like to think that tea is much lighter in calories than a latte which therefore justifies a much bigger piece of cake.
    #coolmumclub xx


  7. I drink both at certain points in the day! Coffee is my morning beverage to wake me up and get me ready for the nursery run and commute in to work, I’ll usually have two cups of coffee a day usually from a mug the same size as your mug on the right. Tea is my time to chill and unwind after a hard day drink, usually when my little man is in bed and I’m curled up on the sofa! Fancy a cup now actually :o) x #coolmumclub


  8. I like coffee, but I am definitely more of a tea lover. You are right, tea and biscuits or cake is better than coffee. I also have a particular mug, and it is a large one!
    Amanda. #kcacols


  9. I love tea! I do not like coffee at all. I probably drink 4/5 cups a day, sometimes more if I am with friends. It is the perfect drink while we are all sat around putting the world to rights 🙂


  10. I’m a tea-belly from a family of tea-belly’s. I have the odd coffee but more than one sends me a bit doolally, so it’s tea for me please! Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS and hope to see you next week!


  11. Tea glorious tea! I love my tea also. I can’t have caffeine though so it’s decaf tea & herbal teas for me. I agree with your other points though – especially the biscuits & cakes one lol Thanks so much for linking up with us at #BloggerClubUK x


  12. I don’t drink tea or coffee and often feel that I am missing out on something! I can’t have caffeine and even decaff doesn’t appeal as I don’t particularly like the taste of it! I can see how it helps you get through the day though!! #KCACOLS


  13. I love tea. I hate coffee but god damn I love tea. it’s almost spiritual drinking a cup of tea. And now I’m going to put the kettle on.


  14. I’ve only just caught up with this and as I’m sure you know, I agree with every single word of it! I also just want to add, why can’t they make tea properly anywhere outside the U.K.? Please note, ‘people in non U.K. countries’, a cup of hot water (not even boiling) with a tea bag on the saucer is not a cup of tea!


    • Knew you’d agree mum! And yes why is it that only the Brits know how to make a proper cuppa. That was one of my main gripes with going to Paris. They had no idea about tea! X


  15. Yep, I’m with you, I literally drink about 4 cups in the morning to get me going. I always like the smell of coffee but have never drunk it. I think going for coffee is yes sophisticated but impersonal, coming round for a cup of tea is like offering someone a warm hug in a cup! #KCACOLS


  16. I’m a coffee drinker most days but tea definitely has it’s place in my life! I love your point that you know where you are with tea, so funny, but I do kind of agree! x #KCACOLS


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