5 Ways Kids Ruin Your Holiday

We’ve just come back from a fabulous week in Devon. The weather was great, we got out and about quite a bit and the kids were mostly good. BUT here’s 5 ways that they (OK that’s mostly the toddler) wrecked the holiday:


The Toddler looking pensive moments before she threw a huge tantrum about walking up the hill.

1. Waking Up Time. The toddler woke up between 5.30am and 6.30am EVERY SINGLE day on our holiday. I mean come on, it’s a holiday, couldn’t we possibly get a 7am lie in just once? Typically, the first Monday after we got home, she slept in until 7.30am. How do they know how to do that?  Yeah… thanks for that.

2. Wanting to Go Home. How bizarre that despite having a daily countdown for months on end about when we were going on holiday, the toddler after 2 days of finally arriving, asked -“When are we going home?” This line of questioning happened all week. Every day we’d go to a beach or out somewhere and she’d be asking “When are we going back to the holiday house?”


Having a tantrum & wanting to go home after a complaint about too much sand.

3. Food. Meals out had to be catered for the very limited palettes of the kids. No fancy seafood restaurants for us. No browsing the range of eateries and bistros perhaps taking in a pre-dinner cocktail. Now choice is instead restricted to – Which restaurant is most likely to do sausages or pasta? Which burger joints might be open at 5pm? Which would be fairly child friendly? And which would best tolerate the noise of a tantruming toddler?

4. Going to Bed. Just when we thought we could properly relax with a bottle of wine and enjoy some grown up time alone. The toddler refused to go to bed. Up – down, up – down – I felt like a bloomin yo-yo putting her back in to her bed for hours on end. Eventually we had just enough time to drink a glass of wine before going to bed, exhausted.

5. Not Walking. We have ditched the pushchair a while ago. The toddler has mostly coped well with not wanting the buggy. But on one particular day, decided to throw the most God awful tantrum at the foot of an enormous hill with the car at the top. Husband had already gone on ahead with cool bag and older child leaving me to carry bags, blankets, towels and other gumpf along with the screaming toddler under my arm in full view of the beach up the steepest hill in history.

As you can guess, we’re going through a particularly “difficult” stage with the youngest. But despite her many grumps and grumbles, we still did manage to have a marvellous holiday!

Any other ways that kids spoil your holiday? Let me know.


And here’s some of the nicer moments!IMG_1593




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56 thoughts on “5 Ways Kids Ruin Your Holiday

  1. I can’t even read a trash novel on the plane what with having to entertain them and such. Plus they always want food, like several times a day. And they are too short to sit at a proper bar.
    Just kidding.
    Except not. 😉

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  2. So true! Especially the waking up time. Anything between 5-6am is just a killer. The only way to deal with this is to have an afternoon nap – not easy with a toddler but that’s where having a partner with you on holiday helps (sometimes), or indulging in a bit of “quiet time” back at the flat/caravan/hotel (ie stick Finding Nemo on again!)


  3. Aaaaah I can relate to this. We’ve had a couple of holidays this year and the boy is always up at 5.30. Why oh why. It’s just mean. Eating out is notoriously a pain in the arse. We’ve managed to tame one toddler and now the other one has started to refuse to sit in the high chair longer than it takes to inhale his fish fingers, pffffft. Holidays are not what they were eh xx #bloggerclubuk

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  4. Haha, yes, yes, and yes!! All of these things, and at least another hundred on top! Why do we bother? Eating out is probably the worst one for us, the youngest three refuse to sit nicely and just eat, instead they scream and cry and launch food everywhere, the year before last we had a couple complain about us in a restaurant and ask to move tables!! mortified!!! #KCACOLS


  5. Oh, we have just come back from a very similar sounding holiday. I have written about it too. We really enjoyed ourselves, but were knackered by the end of it. My eldest refused to nap in the day (we just wanted her to have a sleep every other day as she was up late) and she just got over tired and plain horrible!! Hope you enjoyed yourselves, your pictures are lovely. #KCACOLS


  6. I’m glad you managed to have a good holiday despite those 5 things:) It reminds me of a similar thing that mine do and that is when people visit us they often ask them half way through, when they are going to go home – its always so embarrassing!:) Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.
    Mainy – myrealfairy


  7. We braved our first family holiday abroad with two under 5’s and I was presently surprised how well they handled it. However I never realised you could get jet lag coming home from Menorca but my two managed to, it took them 4 days to get back into their normal sleeping routine :-O


  8. I totally understand all of this! We recently planned a lovely trip full of fun kid things to do (amusement parks etc) and then my son kept on looking up at us and saying “I’m bored” – grrr…


  9. Hehe-they really can ruin it, can’t they?!! Me and my husband always used to take a deep breath before a holiday, and say ‘it’ll probably be totally ruined, but let’s do this!’ I think having no expectations that we will actually have a good time, has helped massively!! It’s made the 3 mini breaks we’ve had this year, seem so much more successful! We always have the early wake ups too-I’m just waiting for the day they will lay in, and thinking this will probably be in 10 years…! And at 3&1/2 and 2&1/3, mine still refuse to walk anywhere, so we always take the buggy still! Although on one of our holidays we drove a long way to a national trust beach, that I really wanted to see-but when we got there, we didn’t know it was a 25 minute non buggy accessible walk to get there… My husband suggested we leave immediately, but I was adamant we were going to see this beach-cue the same amount of screaming and crying to be carried from both children, similar to what you had!! Can’t wait for the pre dinner cocktails and expensive fish restaurants of the future…!

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  10. Wonderful pix despite it all. Perhaps as parents, we should snap pix of the tantrums, teh whining and the lack of ability to use their legs…they may nee dto know this information, and we, as parents, will certianly forget as we lose memory through natural aging and, well denial? What do you think? Brilliant post! #chucklemums


  11. Been there! totally true, when you think you’ve got a good routine then you go on holiday and everything goes tits up! we gave up on bedtimes on our holiday in the end and just let them run around screaming like feral cats while we drank wine! they tire eventually xx #chucklemums


  12. I have to say this has been the best summer in Devon for years! Looks like you got some of that joy. One of my personal favourites is bickering over the ‘one of(s)’ e.g the one inflatable they both want or the one iPad etc etc always a joy 🙂 chucklemums


  13. Urgh same shit different location! Gorgeous photos but I feel your pain. My toddler wrecks every nice occasion and also messes around with wanting to walk / be in the buggy / be carried / lugged about everywhere. Thanks for linking to #chucklemums!


  14. Holidays with kids are so different to life before! It’s the early wakeups and the restaurant limitations I find the most difficult – always trying to choose a restaurant that opens early enough – quite a feat in most of Europe I’ve found! We also braved it this year and went without a pushchair – we have a 2 year old! Not sure I’d make that choice again… #KCACOLS


  15. Hello, I’m your neighbour on #bigpinklink this week! *waves from my corner of the Internet!* I’ve been meaning to read this post for a while though, yet at the same time dreading it with our first family holiday with a ‘proper’ toddler coming up…not liking the parenting law of sod that is number one, although number two did make me laugh!! Kids, eh?! Who’d have ’em?! ;P xxx


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