Ain’t That The Truth

Kids. Don’t you just love them? They’re inquisitive, curious and speak their minds with absolutely no qualms about feeling  the need to censor anything.

A while back I wrote about some of the bizarre and strange questions that my eldest asked me. She was obviously going through a curious phase with lots of pressing questions on her mind like what farmers wear.

The youngest has always been a bit of a chatterbox, but it seems that lately anything that comes into her head will then proceed to come straight out of her mouth in a monologue of verbal diarrhoea. Sometimes this can be cute, sometimes funny, but other times it can be completely mortifying and embarrassing.


Here’s 5 things that the 3 year old has mentioned recently which all have an element of the truth to them.

1. “Daddy is the Beer King.”  Well I did warn my husband that if he insisted on drinking beer so frequently that the kids would start to pick up on it.


2. “What do you do all day Mummy?” This was said to me one morning as I dropped the toddler off to pre-school. “Daddy goes to work, Alice goes to school, I go to pre-school, so what do you do?” At which point I stammered and spluttered as if I was being quizzed by a teacher or boss about how I do writing work on my computer at home and how I also do all the cleaning. “Oh yes,” said the toddler, “You do the hoovering don’t you.” Yep that’s right, that’s me.


3. “Why are you ALWAYS drinking wine?” Errr… In my defence, this was said to me whilst I was making a slow cook casserole with some red wine. I honestly wasn’t swigging from the bottle (at that point) at all. Why am I often made to feel like a naughty school girl by a toddler? But note to self: don’t drink wine too much in front of them again.


4. “You’re a bit scruffy today aren’t you?” Interestingly, this wasn’t actually said to me which I could have taken on the chin. More embarrassingly this was said to my neighbour’s husband. To be fair, the toddler was as usual telling it like it was: He was in his jogging bottoms and hadn’t shaved, but STILL, I was a bit embarrassed and had to make a show of feigning mortification.


5. “Daddy do you have a baby in your tummy?”  Closely linked to point number 1, my husband has a bit of a stomach. When we explained that no, there wasn’t a baby in daddy’s tummy, the toddler wanted to know why daddy’s tummy is big and if it will will “ever go down?” Whoops. Time for some exercise (and cut down on the beer) methinks.



It’s funny how kids can talk and talk with no sense of holding back or being less blunt. I wonder at what age we start to censor our speech? I wonder at what age do we begin to realise that telling the truth in all situations even when we might hurt people isn’t always a good thing?!

I’d love to hear any home truths that kids have told you, let me know in the comments below!



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20 thoughts on “Ain’t That The Truth

  1. I love this. They don’t hold back do they. Kids are great for making sure we have no illusions about ourselves. My son was off ill from school and I explained that he needed to lay on the sofa while I got some work done only to have him say ‘Oh, I thought you watched television when I am at school.’ Bless!!


  2. My tiny one only knows a few words but I fondly remember and am looking forward to the toddler bluntness.
    She’s already got the sass with her few words. She saw me out on shoes (which means I’m leaving) and she was in pajamas but she reached up to get in my arms and pointedly told her older sister/babysitter BUH-BYE. LOL.


  3. Haha! Our eldest often strokes my husbands face and then announces that he needs a shave. She has been known to do immediately after he has actually shaved! She also likes to tell me my tummy is wobbly, I inform her it’s her fault it’s like that…. She doesn’t believe me.


  4. Oh god at number 4! My toddler is famous for spouting embarrassing shite like this. Last week I schlepped to pre-school on foot to collect her and halfway through the handover chat she asked to be picked up, wiped some sweat from my brow, and said “why is your face all disgusting and sweaty?” Thanks love. Fab post! Thanks for linking up to #Chucklemums xx


  5. Love this! Out if the mouths of babes hey! My two are constantly asking me questions about things I’d rather not answer. Namely, things like; ‘how does the baby get out of the tummy?’ Thanks for sharing with the #bigpinklink


  6. Mine went through a stage of saying things to strangers, or asking things very very loudly, like “mummy why is that man so fat?” while pointing to a man about 2 feet away from us. and indeed “why does that lady have a moustache?”



  7. These are so cute – I love the innocence of children! We are struggling with Tigs and her descriptions of her new school friends, mainly by physical characteristics which aren’t very PC!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xx


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