5 Things that No Longer Embarrass Me and 5 Things that do

It has dawned on me recently that along with the big changes that happen in your life after having kids – you know,  like a permanent lack of sleep, being suddenly responsible for the life and survival of a new human being and err… watching more kids TV than your own programmes, there are other smaller changes that affect us as parents. Things that used to embarrass me, no longer bother me at all. And likewise, things that I never thought about much, now seem to take on a new meaning in the embarrassment stakes.

Things That No Longer Embarrass Me

1. Doctors – I used to cringe whenever I had to go to the doctor and reveal certain body parts. Now I couldn’t care less. They’ve seen it all before, I’ve had to pretty much show everything off before so let’s get on with the job shall we?


2. A Messy House – There was a time, many moons ago, when I used to take careful pride in the house. Well, I liked it to look nice. But now, in between juggling the children and fitting in copywriting work, it comes very low down list on my priorities. Yes, I like the house to look tidy, but in reality it’s pretty much in a permanent mess.  I might apologise to anyone who visits, but I’m not embarrassed by it. Not anymore.

3. Dealing with a meltdown in public – Pre-kids I was HORRIFIED by children that used to scream and make a scene in public. I would tut and roll my eyes about the noise. Hah! Little did I know that I would be dealing with them on a frequent basis. From dealing with the toddler’s meltdown about sand on the beach to half carrying her and half dragging her from one side of town to try and get back to the safety of the car. Exhausting. Yes. Embarrassing not anymore. Everyone’s kids do it at some stage and the knowing glances and pats on the shoulder from other people to say “We’ve all been there” prove it.


The toddler’s melt down about sand

4. Getting important things wrong. Like your child’s name. I recently spent 10 minutes in a shop calling out to my youngest daughter to stop running off. A few other shoppers looked at me wondering why I couldn’t control my child. I was wondering why I couldn’t control my child. Until it dawned on me that I’d been calling out my eldest daughter’s name instead of the toddler’s. I wasn’t embarrassed, tiredness has a lot to answer for.

5) Dealing with accidents – Toilet training puts pay to any form of embarrassment about dealing with wees and poos in public places. With kids, there’s always some form of bodily function that needs to be cleared up. Wet wipes and nappy sacks is the only thing to save you.

Things that Now Embarrass Me

1. The Recycling – Specifically the fortnightly collection of cans and bottles. I’m sure it’s not my imagination that the bin men are spending longer and longer trying to empty our recycling box and making such a din in the process. No, it’s true, we are apparently the biggest drinkers on the street.


2. Laughing hard – and realising your pelvic floor muscles really isn’t what it once was. Enough said.

3. Having other kids to tea – I swear to God that every time the neighbours’ kids or friends come to tea, we ALWAYS have pizza. My children seem to eat a few certain foods on rotation week in week out, but I now feel slightly paranoid and judged that everyone assumes that this is the only thing my kids eat. Admittedly, there’s not much else that isn’t picked over, but  I must try harder to have a better menu on standby.


4. Clothes – Specifically, realising that I’m wearing clothes that I had 10 years ago. I’ve never particularly enjoyed shopping, but find that it’s now pretty much near impossible to buy new clothes with a toddler. She gets bored and starts to get impatient when I even attempt to “pop in” for a “quick look.” I end up avoiding it at all costs in order to avoid the resulting meltdown.

5. The Truth Telling the truth is a good thing right? Not when the three year old decides to impart her words of wisdom specifically in a loud voice about people you know who are standing right next to you. I.E. “Mummy, why is  Katie’s daddy looking so scruffy today?”  Cue cringing and desperate babbling about how the toddler talks such utter nonsense.

What do you find embarrassing? And is there anything that you used to find embarrassing that no longer bothers you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell me I’m not alone in this!




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Getting Back to It After a Half-Term Break

We have just had a fantastic half-term break. The first part of the week we were in South  Devon and then we went to stay with relations on a farm in South Wales.

I’m not sure if it was down to the mild, sunny weather, perhaps it was because we packed in so much stuff, or it could be due to the fact that the kids were so well-behaved with hardly any tantrums and playing up like we had back in July, but we all had an amazing time.



We arrived in Devon late on Friday night and over the next couple of days managed to enjoy some beautiful coastal walks. We’re lucky to be able to stay at my mum and dad’s flat and so we know the area fairly well. But walking any kind of distance is something we’ve never really attempted with the kids before as Eva has always moaned on about her legs being tired. Strangely enough if there was any complaints this year it was from Alice! Anyway it was fantastic to get out and explore some of coast by foot. We also took a day trip to Dartmoor and took the girls to see a miniature pony centre which the girls both really adored!

On Wednesday we moved on to Wales. My husband’s aunt and uncle run a farm near Usk and again, we’ve been lucky to be there before last October half-term. The kids love getting involved with the animals as well as the tractor and quad bike. And we all love being outside in such a beautiful place with amazing views. I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing those views of the black mountains from the farm.


Coming Home and Back to It

We got home on Friday afternoon and it felt like we instantly slotted into our old ways. The kids were arguing and fighting. There was a mountain of washing to be done and even The Husband and I were bickering! It felt like the holiday had suddenly come to an abrupt halt!

Monday morning brought more clouds. Alice was suddenly anxious and worried to be going back to school. She clung on to me like a limpet at the school gate and I had to physically hand her over. I suppose this has been amplified by the fact that she changed schools 4 weeks ago. I had the holiday blues and was dreading getting back into work and even Eva who normally loves pre-school was saying she didn’t want to go.

Back in the Routine

Like Alice, I always used to dread the going back to school after any kind of holidays and even now I get a slight pang for getting back to normal, even if it is nowhere near as bad as it was when I was working in London. All this got me thinking about how I now best cope with getting back into the routine after a holiday:

1. Tea. Ordinarily I drink a fair amount of tea, but after a break, I seem to drink even more tea than usual to ease the pain of getting back into work.

2. Write a list. I’m a stickler for a list but after being out of the loop for a week, I need to have one even more than usual so that I know exactly what to focus on.

3. Treats. It seems only fair to ease yourself back into the grind with some biscuits and chocolates doesn’t it.

4. Get writing. Working as a copywriter means that like blogging, if you take time off, you get out of the practice of writing. It can seem harder to think of ideas and to let the writing flow. I try not to get wound up about it and just start writing. Even if this turns out to be a complete load of rubbish, I can always go back and amend the earlier stuff.

5. Have things to look forward to. Even if it’s a takeaway, or seeing some friends, I find this helps. At breakfast this morning I was listing all the things the kids had to look forward to as well to help them ease back into the routine (“Halloween, fireworks, birthday parties, Christmas etc. etc.).

How about you? Do you dread getting back into the day to day after a break or do you love the return to a routine? How do you cope?




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Interview with Eva Aged 2 Years 8 Months

Eva Interview 2

After the recent success of the interview with Alice (4), I thought I’d try the same questions to Eva aged (2 yrs 8 ms).

1. How are you feeling today?


(As with Alice, eyes me suspiciously whilst answering!)

2. What makes you happy?


(A near dish cloth type rag which she’s had since she was a baby. It goes EVERYWHERE with her.)

3. What makes you sad?


(Errr.. I beg to differ based on the number of recent tantrums!)

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?


(Well that is rather nice, but I think she could perhaps aim a little higher..)

5. What is your favourite food?

Rice Krispies.

(Said possibly because she’s just had a bowl of Rice Krispies.)

6. Describe Mummy?


(As with Alice, I must try and coax my kids to use more adjectives.)

7. Describe Daddy?


(Daddy tends to wear Eva’s toy bunny / dish cloth on his head like a hat.)

8. Who created the world?


(In his dreams. He’s going to love this.)

9. What is the queens job?


(I’ve no idea.)

10. Who is the prime minister?

Is on telly.

(Well she’s right – he usually is!)

11. What did you dream last night?


(She really does love it.)

12. What would you like to do tomorrow?

Go to Oscar’s house.

(And actually she is!)

13. Where in the world do you want to go?

Oscar’s house or stay here.

(Oh the ambition!)

14. Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Because we do.

(Fair enough.)

15. Where does the tooth fairy live?

In a toadstool.

(Another comment the same as Alice and again influenced by a jigsaw.)

16. What is your favourite animal?

Rabbits. Because Bunny is a rabbit.


17. Who is your best friend?



18. What makes you laugh?

Mummy tickling me!

(Which I do now!)

19. Are you going to get married?


(Emphatically said.)

20. Tell me a secret?

I made an Easter egg at pre-school.

(Whispers this.)

21. Where do babies come from?

Mummies tummies.

(Another comment the same as her older sister’s.)

22. What do you like to watch on television?

Peppa Pig.

(And don’t I know it.)

23. How much money do you have?

None. Daddy took it all back.

(Eva has taken to stealing money from daddy’s change pot which he finally cottoned on to recently.)

24. What do you do that is naughty?

Nothing. (Grins). Alice is naughty ‘cos’ she took my necklace.

(Here we go.)

25. Describe yourself?

I always drink hot tea.

(Well she’s partial to the odd cup of tea. Just like me!)

26. What is the best job in the world?

Climbing trees.

(I’ve no idea where she got this from, especially as she’s never climbed one, but why not?!)

27. Where does Father Christmas live?

In the “Norn” pole.

(She’s always called it this!)

28. Who is Jesus?

Errr…. Merryweather?

(No idea about this. The only Merryweather I know is from the TV programme Sofia The First, but not sure what the link is to Jesus.)

29. What is your favourite vegetable?


(Yep and pretty much the only vegetable.)

30. Are you bored of this quiz now?


(Mostly because I had to stagger the questions over 2 days because she was getting bored!)

Eva Interview 1       Eva Interview 3

Eva Interview



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