My Top Blog Posts from 2016

So it’s a new year and I thought this would be a good opportunity to look back at the best of my blog posts from 2016.


It was a mixed bag for me, I can remember in the spring feeling really motivated and driven to write loads and grow the blog. I was posting regularly and my stats were doing well. Then during the summer and into autumn my freelance copywriting business picked up. I was busy and struggling to juggle this along with childcare and as a result, the blog suffered a bit. It meant that over autumn and winter I’ve been posting far less regularly with an obvious effect.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my top 5 blog posts from 2016 based on views:

  1. What to do When You Don’t Get Your Choice of Primary School

I’m not surprised this is my most viewed post of 2016. It was published in April when the primary school results were announced and was based on our own personal experience from 2015 when we failed to get any of our 4 school choices. It was quite cathartic to write and went viral on the Huffington Post. It also led to a lot of comments and emails from people who had gone through a similar thing. It had more than double the views of my second most popular post…..

2.Mums in Pyjamas


I really enjoyed writing this blog post in February which came about after a newspaper article reported that a head teacher had sent out letters to parents asking them to come dressed to school. I’m not always hugely opinionated in my blog posts but with this one I was firmly on the side of the head teacher. I could not believe parents thought it was acceptable to not get dressed to take their kids to school! It provoked a bit of a debate and was interesting to read in the comments that not everyone agreed with me!

3. For Eva on Your 3rd Birthday

Ahh! This one is another one I loved writing in July. It was quite emotional and I poured out my heart talking about Eva and how her character has developed over her three years.

4. How to Get Started as a Freelance Copywriter

How to Start Freelance Copywriting

This post got lots of views and comments after it went live in August and it’s still proving popular now. I was quite astounded by the amount of people out there who are dreaming about writing and making some money from it! Many people said it had helped them or has given them some confidence to take the plunge which was good to know.

5. 9 Ingredients for a Successful Blog Post

Successful Blog

Joint 5th was this post which I wrote in May. It had loads of comments obviously from many other bloggers which helped it to be shared on social media.

5. In Honour of National Sibling Day

I’m really surprised that this post proved to be one of my most popular from last year as I wrote it as a tribute to my two sisters! It also intrigued me whilst I was writing it as I realised just how drastically the number of siblings most of us have are reducing so substantially across the generations. In our family we’ve gone from my great grandmother having 9 children, my Nan having 4 children, my parents had 3 children, I’ve had 2 and I now have more friends that have 1 child than those who have 3.

It’s been good to have a bit of a review of the blog posts from last year. A couple of things stand out for why they’ve done well:

  • They’ve been written from the heart or something I’m passionate about
  • They’ve struck a chord with fellow readers (many of whom are bloggers or want to be writers)
  • A couple of these posts were relevant or had a link to something newsworthy

This has given me some definite pointers and things to think about for the blog for 2017 and will be interesting to see what works this year!

How about you? Have you checked out what worked best on your blog last year? Any thoughts for the coming year? I’d love to hear from you!




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